CarToyz Technicians posses decades of experience and MECP certification. We have installed remote starters on every type and make of vehicle. This means that we have the ability to do your vehicle’s remote start installation right.
Combine the convenience of remote start, keyless entry, trunk release, and security in one very sleek remote. Every CarToyz alarm or remote start system comes with a lifetime warranty on labor and a minimum one year warranty on all systems and parts.

Don’t want to carry a remote or even your vehicle’s key? You can add an additional module to most of our systems that will allow you to control all of the features from an app on your smart phone. These modules can add several features such as vehicle tracking, vehicle status, repair notifications, and maintenance reminders.

Selecting an experienced technician for your remote start is necessary for a positive outcome. Remote starter installation is complex and challenging on current vehicles. Serious damage not covered by your vehicle’s warranty can occur with only a minor error costing significantly more than the labor paid for professional installation.

A properly installed remote start will add convenience to your everyday life. In addition, you could potentially increase the value of your vehicle. While having a professional perform the task will cost more, it also insures a positive outcome.
According to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, adding a remote start to your vehicle cannot void your vehicle’s warranty!

Furthermore, do not trust your friend or neighbor to perform this critical installation. Also, you wouldn’t go to the dentist for an oil change. Have the proper expert complete your installation!

Trust those with decades of experience and troubleshooting knowledge to get the job done right therefore ensuring a positive outcome. In addition, a remote start that allows you to warm your car in the winter or cool it in the summer so you can have a smooth start to your day or a comfortable ride home is well worth getting done right.

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