SiriusXM Radio offers consistent channel options from coast to coast. It is ideal for road travelers in general where radio stations vary from city to city.

Looking to add satellite radio to your vehicle? CarToyz is an authorized SiriusXM dealer. Satellite radio can be added to your vehicle utilizing one of two types of equipment; universal portable radios or radio specific tuners.

3 Ways to Connect Satellite Radio in Your Vehicle:


Universal satellite radios require mounting, charging connections, and connecting sound to the radio in your vehicle. Connecting sound to the vehicles radio can be done through the use of a wireless transmitter that is built into most SiriusXM receivers. In some cases, the satellite radio does not come with a built-in transmitter or does not work well. For a better solution, an add-on FM transmitter is another option to get audio to the vehicle’s stereo.

Auxiliary Signal Input

An aux-in provides a better option than a wireless solution for connecting a satellite radio receiver in your vehicle. If your vehicle does not come equipped with an auxiliary input, please see our page on iPod-USB-Aux-In integration.

Radio Specific Tuners

If you have an after market car radio that is satellite ready from Kenwood, Pioneer, or a compatible factory stereo you can easily add a tuner. CarToyz stocks tuners for all of the brands we carry. Adding a radio specific tuner is cosmetically more appealing than a universal radio because the equipment and wires do not show. The after market or factory stereo display the satellite radio information and changing stations is also done through the controls of the vehicle’s stereo.

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